Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Matter What!

Of all the tools in your toolbox, what is the most powerful? What helps you stay raw more than anything else?

It's not your Vitamix, Blendtec, dehydrator, or food processor...
It's not your favorite uncook book or Youtube video...
It's not even your favorite website or your best raw food friends...

All of these are tremendously helpful. But nothing is more important to your raw food journey than something that can only come from you: YOUR MADE UP MIND.

You have to decide that you are doing this. You have to make peace with what you are deciding to leave behind for your highest good. You have to decide that you are are dedicated: No Matter What!

Until you really commit to those three beautiful words no matter what, you have a chink in your armor where excuses can seep in and eat away at your resolve.

I will love myself, no matter what.
I will nourish myself, no matter what.
I will believe in me, no matter what.

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