Sunday, April 18, 2010

Released 80 lbs! Woo-hoo!

Hi Everyone! Last week was hard because I caught a cold, but good because it only lasted 3-4 days. I am sure I bounced back quickly because of my healthy diet. YAY! When I was SAD colds would always last a minimum 12-14 days or longer and usually turn into bronchitis and kick up my asthma and make me absolutely miserable. So I am even more sure that this is the right path for me!

Easter was hard (the bunny got me and I gave in to cooked food like Mom's potato salad and even robbed an Easter basket for some chocolate, which was super sad because I had been sugar abstinant since Jan. 1 and blew it. :( ) So I was very happy to have the inintiative start right after that so I could make an official fresh start.

My appetite was down from the cold so I was able to eat nearly all-raw all week, and released an astonishing 9+ lbs. I am now down 80 lbs on raw overall. Woo-hoo! Very thrilled with the results.

I have been flirting with low-fat raw vegan, ala 811, but the last few days I have gotten sooo hungry, I've actually given in and eaten some cooked food at night (and some of it had dairy, huge NO for me.) I'm going back to what works for me, which is: if it is raw and sugar-free, eat it and smile. I'm glad to get back to exercising this week. I missed it when I was sick. Raw love to all of y'all and have a great week!

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Kerri said...

Wow, my friend. That is truly amazing! You are doing so great! Proud of you. Lots of love to you.