Tuesday, April 6, 2010

15 Reasons To Eat Raw

by Rachel Luther

1. Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning feeling totally awake with less
sleep, healthy, vibrant and ready to tackle anything your day has to offer with
pure positivity.

2. Many people feel relief from ailments, illness and disease due to an increase
in nutrients and an elimination of toxins. Try starting off by replacing
processed foods with more raw options. Instead of a processed granola bar,
try some almonds and dried fruit.

3. Imagine excess weight melting off effortlessly without counting calories, fat
grams or carbohydrates … and that’s just a side effect!

4. Enzymes, enzymes, enzymes! We are helping our body tremendously by
consuming foods jam packed with these miracle workers! They are the
catalysts for every process in our body, without them we could not function.
We are born with a limited supply so the more we bring into our body
without drawing upon its own reserves, the better. Enzymes are sensitive and
are destroyed with heat/cooking over 118 degrees F.

5. Depleted enzymes, lack of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants contribute to
aging and decreased immunity. Eating raw slows down the aging process
significantly; giving your skin a glorious glow like no other skin cream or
elixir could ever hope to achieve. They say a raw foodie is easy to spot!

6. Most of the water content in food is lost through cooking. Fruit and vegetables
are filled with the most purified water you can ever consume; manufactured
and filtered by none other than the earth! Struggling to consume 8 glasses
per day? Fruit and vegetables count!

7. Cooking destroys 50% of the protein in our food. Raw vegetables, seeds, nuts
and sprouts are rich in protein, which are 100% bioavailable to us, meaning
they are very easily absorbed.

8. Heated fats are linked to most major diseases, including heart disease and
cancer. Raw fats from avocados, nuts, seeds, olives and coconut are
extremely healthy for us. They protect our brain, our organs and lubricate
our joints, nerves and bones. These tasty fats contain the enzyme lipase which
actually burns excess body fat!

9. By eating a plant-based, vegan diet you will not only be supporting friendly
farmers but you will be an active environmentalist by reducing your
ecological footprint. Animals raised for our consumption take up a significant,
ever-expanding portion of our land, contributing to deforestation (less
vegetation = less oxygen) and animal waste running into and polluting our

10. Elevated moods, focus, clarity, gratitude and a true appreciation for life are
commonly felt by raw foodists.

11. Even with weight loss, the face remains full and youthful, never gaunt. The
body repairs itself, depositing curves in all the right places as a beautiful,
new body emerges.

12. Results can be seen and felt within days as your body thanks you and works
like crazy to become healthy once again.

13. A raw food diet will ensure that your body will maintain the proper pH
balance and will never became too acidic (an acidic body is where disease
and illness happily flourish). Raw foods are alkalinizing.

14. “Living foods create living bodies, dead foods create dead bodies.” (Dr. Ann
Wigmore) Need I say more!

15. Taking care and loving yourself is the most important thing you will ever do.
It will produce a domino effect and can become contagious! So spread the love!

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