Saturday, March 27, 2010

Working It Out

Today was a fun day. My kids got back from Spring vacation at the coast with their grandmother (my ex-MIL) and I went out to lunch with my mom and daughter. They ate Mexican, I ate raw with a salad. Iceberg lettuce is not to exciting or nutritious, but hey, ya do what you gotta do, am I right? Besides, I had whipped up some faux Thai wraps earlier (spiralized 1 beet, 1/4 sweet onion, 1/2 a zucchini, and julienned a couple carrots and marinaded them all in a mango-lime-cilantro dressing. Then I ground up some almonds soaked and rinsed and flavored with nama shoyu and mixed the crunchy bits into the marinaded veggies. Then I filled a couple of romaine leaves with the yummy melange and used more marinade as a dipping sauce. Divine!) Any how, I wasn't too hungry at the restaurant, which was a good thing. :)

Then we went treasuring hunting (aka shopping) and my daughter found some cute clothes and I got a great book about training for walking and running for women over 40.

I must have been inspired because after I got back from taking care of Mom and having fun with her, the kids and I went and worked out at the gym. This is significant because it was the first work out I've tried since my surgery (surgeon asked me not to exercise for 6 weeks) and because usually after taking care of my mom all day (she's in a wheel chair) and running around with her for 12 hrs, I am usually EXHAUSTED at the end of the day. But today, I was able to have a great time with her and still have plenty of energy to work out.

My work out was great too. I've barely lost any ground on my program. I walked a little shorter duration and a tiny bit slower, but I still got in a solid 30 min. at a decent clip. Since my surgery was a hernia repair, I still can't get back to weight lifting yet, but I'm thrilled to get back to the treadmill and just walking around the park on my lunch hour at work. (I used to call it the 'Dreadmill' because I hated it so much. Now, I'm rocking out on it, grooving to my tunes and getting happy.)

I think I bounced back from surgery a lot faster by being raw. That's the raw difference for you!

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chasmyn said...

So so wonderful. You inspire me! Rock out with your tunes...woohoo!