Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day One--I'm Not So Sure About This!

Today I started out on my RAW adventure. I didn't really have time to prepare much, so I just ended up eating a boatload of fruit all day and a salad and some raw almonds for lunch. I did a pretty lousy job getting ready, and yet I had success all day. I kind of can't believe I made it. Anyway, it is late now and I am tired so I will write tomorrow with all my reasons for going raw.

Ok, I'm back. Did you miss me? So here are some reasons I decided to go raw:

1. Weight Loss: I weigh 378 pounds (in clothes and shoes) and I am only 5'3". That makes me morbidly obese. Morbid, as in, "You're gonna die." I don't want to die; I am only 38 and I am a single mom to two awesome teenagers. I need to get this weight off, like NOW, and I believe I can do it safely and healthfully eating raw fruits, veggies, and sprouted nuts and seeds. I've been really impressed with many of the stories I've heard of people who have released hundreds of pounds following this diet. I want to be one of them.
2. I want a Healthy Choelesterol lipid profile and get off of meds
3. I want Better Skin-I still have acne and I'm 38 for Pete's sake. How long is this adolescence going to last?!
4. I want to be the picture of Radiant Health
5. For my life I need Tons of Energy

My friend Chasmyn (aka Purple Goddess) went raw and it really intrigued me since she is someone I really admire and who shares many of my values about respecting the earth, and eating healthfully. When she came to Portland for a visit, we went to a restaurant called The Blossoming Lotus that served raw food. It sounded disgusting but I figured, what the hell, its only one meal. I got the raw sampler, and it was to die for. Sooooo good. I never expected it to be so yummy. I had raw pizza, raw pad thai, raw cilantro-lime pate (my fave) and all kinds of other delishious treats. It was quite simply, one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I thought, I can do this! I love this food! I could seriously get healthy and eat this delicious stuff. I went back to being a vegetarian (but not raw) for a while, but kept reading Chasmyn's raw blog. Through that I got turned on to Bunny Berry, who is one of the most likeable, funny people you could ever hope to meet. I got hooked on her vlogs on youtube. That was it. I decided I could try this for 100 days like Bunny.

What have I gotten myself into?!

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chasmyn said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words - you are so sweet! I know! It Is good food - all of it! Well, not all of it - I've made some recipes that either became compost or morphed into a food they didn't start out to be (there was this one gazpacho that became dehydrated crackers, for example). But those have been few and far between. I can point you to some great recipes that are tried and true for me. Do you have a dehydrator? is fantastic, as you can search by ingredient OR by equipment. AND they have user ratings, so you know it's been tested. Of course not all tastes are the same, so you really have to just find out what you like, KWIM?

Oh, and get disqus for your blog! the comments are so much better because you can answer them via email.