Friday, September 26, 2008

Day Two- Getting Easier Except Detox

Today was a little easier than yesterday. Yesterday I ate fruit all day with a salad for lunch and some raw almonds. That's it. I felt this weird feeling of being stuffed but not satisfied. It's a little like I felt when I first became a vegetarian after being a serious carnivore. It just felt like something was missing and that I hadn't really eaten.

I have a headache today that nothing will touch. I don't know how much of that is bad posture at work and how much is detox, but of course I suspect that detox has a lot to do with it. Yesterday I had tons of energy despite not getting enough sleep. Today? Nope. I'm tired and my head hurts.

Breakfast was 3 nectarines and more raw cashews than I care to confess to. Lunch I decided to go to The Blossoming Lotus and order a "live sampler" (all raw food.) When I got there, I found out they only serve the sampler for dinner, so I had a live wrap. It was their scrumptious cilantro lime pate (which I can't find a recipe for anywhere. Damn!) on and cucumber and avacado in some sort of lettuce wrap. It was delicious but a little small and $8. Still I felt a lot more satisfied. For dinner I made myself some guac out of one avacado, some tomatoes I grew and some sea salt. My onion was rotten so no onion for me. :( I ate it with flax crackers I got at People's Grocery Co-op. I love that place but I am worried about affording all these raw nuts. I cannot frickin believe these nuts cost $16 a pound, some of them. Sheesh. It makes me really determined to go find a nut orchard and go you-picking. But I did meet a nice raw-food guy at People's who told me he sells raw meals at the farmer's market. I will have to try his food. Looking forward to that.

I have no idea if I can afford this raw eating. I think I ate too much at dinner. I would have been happy with half as much. I ordered "Rawsome" and "Raw Food Made Easy" plus I have the internet for recipes so I am going to try some of them. I have never been much of a cook, but I will try.

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chasmyn said...

Are you going 100% all at once?

If you are, there will definitely be some detox. And you definitely need some recipes under your belt.

When I started, I did raw till dinner - that way I could ease myself into it and not detox too fast. Because detox can be a biyatch!

I also tried two new recipes per week - that way I wasn't overwhelming myself with new recipes, AND I was learning new uncooking skills in the meanwhile. And learning what I liked.

I still try and do at least one new recipe a week, because I am ALL about my variety. And I'm gaining enough confidence in uncooking that I'm able to wing it sometimes with great results.

I swear I'm not TRYING to comment on every single entry I'm reading here, lol.