Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day Three- My First SAD Slip-up

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast: peach, banana and orange juice. Today I bought some spinach so I will try adding that to my smoothie tomorrow. I was at my son's theatre making costumes all day, so I packed my lunch: two nectarines, raspberries, and raw almonds. But after theatre we went to my ex-MIL's house for dinner and she served homemade thin crust pizza with fresh tomatoes from her garden along with a salad and watermelon and cookies for dessert. I didn't want to tell her about going raw (I'm only on day 3 here people!) and I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not taking any of the pizza so I took the smallest possible piece and filled up on spinach salad and melon. I am proud of me for skipping the cookies--they were Milanos and looked good.

So only day three and already I am not 100% raw but I wouldn't change what I did. I am going to try making flax crackers and sunflower cheese and guacamole (I bought a non-rotten onion!) and maybe mess around with trying to make that cilantro-lime pate I love so much and have it as salad wraps. I am getting hungry writing about all this good food!

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chasmyn said...

Remember too - this is a journey, not a destination. Be gentle with yourself and be proud of your choices. Like, look how you ate so much raw today! (Yes, I know this was a week ago, I'm just saying).