Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day Fourteen--Fatigue=Detox?

Today is day 14 of my Raw Adventure. I seriously cannot believe I have made it this far. What I really can't believe is that I have no desire to go off it. I am even on my cycle right now, which in the past has meant big time cravings. But eh. I just haven't had them. For me getting off sugar is magical and makes good things happen, like quelling cravings. Or, maybe I am just getting plenty of natural sugar from all the fruit and so I don't crave anymore. I dunno.

What I do have problems with is fatigue and general "I don't wanna" attitude. I should cut up a bunch of veggies to munch tomorrow, but, eh, I don't wanna. I need to do the dishes, send in a form for my daughter, call this person back, etc. No motivation at all. I could just be tired, but I wonder if it is more than that, simply because I am always flipping tired, I'm a single mom working 50 hrs a week and trying to go to school for Pete's sake. I think it may be detox related. I still need to snap out of it and get some crap DONE.

Tomorrow I am making Raw cinnamon rolls. Doesn't that sound great? My grains have been sprouting for 3 days, and tomorrow they'll be ready, and so will I! I'll let you know how they turn out!

("How cute! She's pretending anyone actually reads this! Precious!")

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