Friday, October 17, 2008

Day Twenty Three-

Today I introduced some people at my work to raw food. I made my "Rawsome" almond flax crackers for them (with onion and carrot, really good) and some of my "Mallory Bars." The people I work with are not all that adventurous, apparently. They tried a bite of the cracker but wouldn't even touch the bar. I admit its not pretty, but its hella tasty so, eh, their loss. They did say they liked the crackers, so not a total loss.

Speaking of food, I am so excited because I joined a raw food meetup at and I am going to a raw vegan potluck in November with a Thanksgiving theme. How cool is that?! I am really excited about connecting to people around here. Our only raw restaurant in Portland (that I know about) is in the Pearl, a snooty she-she area downtown, and I want to meet more just average folks, not just "the beautiful people." It is an amazing restaurant though, called The Blossoming Lotus. It's in a yoga studio, and for me, it was the food that made me believe I could actually go raw.

I am so incredibly grateful tonight- I am grateful because I have lost my taste for refined sugar. My kids made some baked Oreo brownie mostrousity and pronounced it amazing, and I just had to marvel because I didn't even want to try it. Ditto when my son tucked into a big (not raw) pizza. Cheese used to be one of the things I could not imagine living my life without, and why I used to say, "I'll never be a vegan." And yes, the pizza smelled and looked good to me, but not in that "I must have some or die" kind of way. I was able to tell myself that I will try to make some raw pizza soon, and until then I had other things I like to eat that are good for me. Yesterday, my work catered lunch for us, and I had a cooked vegan burrito. I could have used that as my excuse to go off of raw, even just for the rest of the day. In the past, if I "blew" my diet, it was on, no holds barred, x-rated eating for the rest of the day, baby. But I just calmly made the decision to eat my non-raw lunch, and go right back to raw at my next snack. Instead I came home and said no to the non-raw pizza, one of my previous binge foods. I am so thankful--for my healing, for being released from bondage to food, for being able to release weight in the healthiest way imaginable. Life is good!


Hedro said...

Woohoo! Good for you! Maybe some day I'll be able to do this too. I've been kinda doing the Nourishing Traditions lacto/fermented stuff lately, and it's been good.

If you ever want someone to go back to Blossoming Lotus with, I'm always game for that place! :-)


Kerri said...

You are doing an amazing job, my friend. And I have to say, reading about the co-worker making the comment about your dress almost made me cry. I'm so sorry she was so tacky and inappropriate. You are impressing me with your dedication.