Friday, October 3, 2008

Day Nine- All Raw, Baby

Today was a good raw day. I have been lazy about preparing much so I mostly just ate fruit, along with some guacamole right from the bowl. Man, do I love me some guacamole! Tonight I went shopping and got some sesame seeds (for homemade raw tahini and to mix into flax crackers), brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds. I've got them soaking tonight and so I'll be ready to "uncook" tomorrow.

I'm glad I broke my 3 day cheating streak. I know I ate far more healthfully and mostly raw than I ever have so I absolve myself of the sin and I'm just moving along. Still I have restored my faith in my ability to do this in only one day. See? I'm easy.

Well my dear friend in teh computer Chasmyn found my blog and commented. She is someone I really admire and who inspired me in the first place. It means that I am no longer under the illusion that no one is reading, so I can let it all hang out. But that's ok. I am going to let my freak flag fly anyway. I am not always Pollyanna positive and I do plan to use my blog to bitch, whine, vent, etc as needed. I figure it is much better to channel my emotions into pixels than into my thighs and belly.

A great thing happened in that my ex-MIL let me borrow her car while she is out of town so I had wheels tonight, hence the shopping trip of massive porportions. Also, I figured with all that I've been through this week I deserved some retail therapy so I wandered into Goodwill to look at books and found some brand-new looking Docs maryjanes for seven dollah. Woot!

Friday came just in the nick of time.

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chasmyn said...

No, let it all hang out!

I've had the most success with being as raw as I wanna be when I just take it one day at a time. I know that sounds so cliche (to me, anyway), but damn, it really works. If I say "just today", I always manage to make it. I think that's pretty darn cool.

Yay for the DOc MJs and the wheels! Woot!