Friday, October 24, 2008

Thirty Days of RAW

As of today, I have been maybe 90-95% raw for 30 days. I am very excited that I have been able to make it this far. That excitement is tempered a little though because I am having a hard time right now. I have released 20 lbs, but all of that happened in the first 3 wks and the scale has not moved for the last week. After watching some guests on Rawkathon, I am pretty sure I am eating waaaay too much nuts and seeds and avacados. Sure they're healthy, but they are meant to be a complement to a diet of fruits and veggies, and not the foundation of my diet. I am just so in mourning for the crap food I loved so much (that didn't love me back) and the brat kid in me says, "No! I love my nuts and avacados! Don't take anything else away from me. I don't wanna eat only veggies!" Of course I eat more than veggies, it is just those raw emotions coming to the surface. I am dealing with lusting after other things I can't have, or rather don't have the moola for right now. I want to get my hands on some enzymes, but alas, that takes actual cash I hear.

The last few days I am struggling to stay raw. Temptation is everywhere. I was shopping at my favorite cheap grocery store with raw organics in bulk and I smelled the devil in bread and cheese form--pizza. They also have these grinder sandwiches that have cheese and fresh bread and they are just awful for you and damn if I am not drooling on the keyboard just thinking of them. I have even had to talk myself out of fast food today! I thought I was past that. I shut that door and I want it to stay shut dammit! So far I have stayed strong, and I plan to stay that way, but I confess I am a twee bit of a big grumpy pain in the ass right now.

So thirty days. Yay me. Or something.


Kerri said...

It will pass. You know it's all about convincing yourself you can overcome it. Willpower schmillpower. Just keep your mantra going.....I can do this, the junk I used to eat is poison with maggots on it, I will eat to live not live to eat, etc. Whatever works for you. I'm praying for you.

cy said...

this is great! congratulations and continued success on your path.