Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Juicy Life--Breaking the Fast, Day 1

Every body sing along, "Looks like we made it!" I did it. I got through 40 days of nothing but low-glycemic veggie juice. (Oh, and an unfortunate onion/cantaloupe incident. We shan't speak of it!)

So I know, inquiring minds want to know, how much weight did you release on this juice fast Mallory/Heather/Bob? Well, I'm glad you asked. When I started, I had taken off 90 lbs overall, and was "stuck" at a plateau. Yesterday, I weighed in at 277 lbs, which means I have released 125 lbs overall, and that would mean I have taken off 35 lbs during the 40 days of my juice feast! Not bad! I am almost more excited to see my measurements, because I feel like I had a lot of candida die-off, and my stomach doesn't stick out as far. I had someone tell me that when she saw me in the Little Black Dress at the juice feast, I didn't look like I weighed as much as I do. And then my face almost cracked in half because I smiled so hard! I believe that is just the magical powers of the Little Black Dress (she is very powerful, lol) but I also think that it might just have something to do with the fact that I exercise a lot more than your average 277 lb woman? Also, I had systemic candida and I am thinking that the low-sugar diet starved the little yeastie beasties out and made my tummy flatter. (Did you know that in the Bible, yeast is always symbolic of sin? If you've ever had a yeast infection, you'd believe it!)

Today I am going to get right up and start breaking my fast with...a quart of low glycemic veggie juice! Ha! I got you. Yep, I am still going to stick to juice before noon because of what I've read about optimally breaking the fast and the advice of my natropath, whom I happen to call Dad. lol It's because some people think you should not have fiber before noon, since that is when your body is in an elimination phase. If you make it switch from elimination to digestion, that's mean, or something. Actually, I think it just can't do as good of a job of eliminating. It's like when you're trying to get something done and your kids keep bugging you. lol

Plus, it isn't like I'm going to chuck the juice just because the juice feast is over. I still believe that low glycemic veggie juice is one of the most loving, beneficial things you can give your body. It is an easy way to get those greens, baby. It is alkalizing, hydrating, and nourishing at a cellular level. Plus it makes your skin so soft and look incredible! I think it is an amazing beauty secret!

Later on today, I am SO going to dive into a green smoothie, and then into a blended soup (which is really another kind of green smoothie.) For now, I am supposed to avoid bananas, avocados, nuts and seeds, and anything dehydrated. I have never made a green smoothie without bananas! (I like bananas!) I guess I will go for strawberries and nectarines which is making me drool a little here on the keyboard thinking about it.

So, yesterday, I made that video, and I can't believe the wonderful response I got. I was seriously floored, people. I was a mess because I was constantly checking the comments every time my iphone would ding that I had a new one, and then I would cry a little since the comment was SO NICE. I went through the whole day with shining, teary eyes and a big smile on my face. I think the people at work thought that someone had died, but that I was really happy about it for some reason!

People told me I was beautiful. Me. Beautiful. Now, after a lifetime of being morbidly obese, strangers say awful things all the time; you get a tough skin when people say mean things to you. Mean things I can handle, but BEAUTIFUL? I cried like a baby. Reading the comments, I just felt wave after wave of love washing over me. I could just feel all that love, sinking in, feeding me at a cellular level, healing me at my soul.

Thank you doesn't seem like enough. It isn't enough, and yet, I lack the words to adequately express how much it has meant to me to have those comments, and this website, and all of you for friends. Because even though we've never "met" in real life, I feel like you all are some of my closest friends. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I love you all.

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