Friday, September 10, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 36 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

What Day I'm On: 36 out of 40, 90% of the way done

How's It Going?
Finishing strong. I want to be "walking away a winner" from this juice feast.

I weighed in, to be ready to post my numbers in the Vault, and I took off another 4 lbs this week. I hit the next goal, which was to have 120 lbs off. I distinctly remember that I was stuck at 90 lbs off when I met Dave, so that means I have released an additional 31 lbs on this juice feast, and it isn't over yet. Surprisingly, not everyone takes off weight on a juice feast. I have a friend who was doing it faithfully and took off so little that she got discouraged and decided it wasn't worth it. I completely understand that. I become a huge baby when I am doing all the right things and the scale won't move. My reasons for this juice feast weren't related to weight release, (for me it was about toxin removal and also a spiritual test to see if I was strong enough to do it) but it sure doesn't hurt my feelings!

Now I am having some trepidation about ending my feast. HOW exactly do I end it? I read the section on breaking the fast at, but I am still confused. Do I only have the green smoothies for 6 more days? I rilly rilly rilly want some solid food! I am seriously considering adding in the soaked prunes, just because I want to chew some food. All I know for sure is that it is supposed to take 6 days, minimum, and breaking the fast is the most critical part of the whole deal. I know I am supposed to avoid nuts, seeds, avocados, and dense dehydrated food during the fast-breaking. Guess what I am craving? lol

I am also worried about the weight coming back when I am back to solid food. Experienced juice feasters, did this happen to you, the week following ending the feast?

What I Am Excited About: Too many things! Let's do some bullets, shall we?

* So happy to hear from Penni's video that Dave and Tresa are back in Seattle and gearing up for the International Day of Juice Feasting this Sunday. I talked with Dave briefly yesterday, (I've been trying to give him a little rest) and he is doing great, as Penni said. He has his sense of humor back for sure!
* I'm really excited about the event, about my road trip with Mauri, and meeting all the RFR peeps.
* Tonight is the beginning of the Fall show for my son's musical theatre company. We weren't sure, this time last year, if he'd be able to handle it at all this year, so it is such a huge blessing that he is BACK, and raring to go! He won't be dancing this year, due to the back surgery, which is sad, (your young man's a great dancer, having been taking lessons and doing shows since he was 6. He does jazz, hip hop (his favorite), and tap (close second.) But he's funny as heck as a comedic actor, so it's odd to say, but I look forward to laughing at my son! I am also looking forward to firing up my sewing machine and serger and getting my creative juices flowing. The Sweat Shop (Costume Department) Motto: "Without us, it's just a bunch of talented kids in their underwear!"

* I have decided, as an experiment, that I am making raw food for the kids for dinner when I am back to eating food. I think this will do two things: keep me from being tempted into eating their cooked (vegan) food, and allow me more time to make a "fancy" raw food recipe for myself (and them) each evening. The kids are on board, as long as it's delicious, they said. I reminded them that they are both in high school, and if Mr. and Ms. don't like what I serve, they are cordially invited to make themselves something else! I realize that I have used the excuse of "needing to cook for the kids" as a reason to keep eating some cooked. I have been 100% raw for over a month now, and I don't want to blow it. (Don't even get me started on how I used to buy crap food "for the children" and then get into it myself. No more. They don't need it, and I SURE don't want it here to tempt me. My home is a SAFE ZONE, baby!)

Have a great Friday! Don't forget to tune in and turn on Sunday, get juicy with us by Ustream if you can't get to God's Country. :)

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