Monday, September 6, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 32 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Warning: This post has a Christian theme today. Also, mention of drag queens. :) If that offends you, I invite you to skip it and see you back here tomorrow! Love ya! Mal

I have to smile when I think of everyone all over the world lighting their candles and sending their love, prayers and support to Dave this weekend. I, for one, have every faith that all our prayers are manifesting in a powerful way toward Dave's healing and prosperity. The Bible says, "Ask, believing" and that is exactly what I did. :)

I have lots of experience with "Ask, believing" including when my mom had just had a medical mistake done to her and she lost her leg and almost died. She was in ICU for 90 days! She "almost" died so many times, battling post-op infections and wounds she she still carries to this day. I love the line from the movie "Mask" where Cher's character said, "If I dug a grave every time some doctor told me he was going to die, I'd be eating chop suey in China right now!" That's how it was with Mom, we got told to say our "final good byes" so many times, it almost got to be a sick joke. We had to fight them not to remove life support till she was ready to breathe on her own. But through it all, I had that peace that passes understanding, I just felt like it was not her time to go. I said more prayers than I ever have in my life, and I had a huge army of believers who were also praying for her. We asked, believing, and the Lord saw fit to let me have her a while longer. I am not suggesting, in any way, that God is some kind of a wish-machine: you put in your prayer and out pops the outcome you wanted. Not at all. Sometimes, God says something other than we wanted to hear, and that can be really hard to understand, sometimes even impossible. But I do believe, that many times, when we ask for, in complete faith, things that are for the highest good, it is the Master's good pleasure to give His children the kingdom. That has been my personal experience of the fulfillment of that promise.

I struggled with compulsive eating and morbid obesity all my life. There was a time when I could not pass a drive-thru. All I thought about was food--making food, obtaining food, eating food, hiding food. At over 400 lbs, I believed myself to be a hopeless case. I figured I would die very young and leave my children with no mother; my family and friends with just a sad, head-shaking tale of how it's such a shame she could never overcome her demons, and such a waste. I tried every commercial weight loss program; I read every book. I got hypnotized. Everything helped, temporarily, but they were just band-aids on my wounded soul because I hadn't gotten relief from my compulsion that was the cause of all my troubles. I came to believe that God could help me, that I was worthy, and that nothing is impossible for Him, not even an impossible case like me. I asked, believing, and being willing to do whatever He showed me. I truly believe He led me to raw food, and then led me to RFR to be able to get the help I needed to stick with it. Now, I have relief from my compulsions, by the grace and through the power of God. I can take food or leave it. I can eat food for its nutritional value to my body, and not to stuff down emotions or try to fill holes in my soul. I can juice feast for 32 days and watch my family eat my sister's birthday dinner and dessert yesterday with no problem.

So yes, I believe in miracles. I trust 100% in the power of prayer and I have faith that whatever happens for Dave now, it will be for his highest good.

What Day I'm On: 32 out of 40, 80% of the way

How's It Going? I just did not like my juice this weekend! It was really hard to choke down. I maybe drank 2 quarts each day, maybe less. I made a huge mistake, thinking I was going to make Penni's "salsa juice" from Real Juice Daily, so I juiced some green onions. Then I remembered I had used up all the tomatoes, and I needed to find something else to get the volume of juice I needed. No problem! I had a ripe cantaloupe! I know this will come as a huge shock to you, but onion/cantaloupe juice does not taste very good! (I know, right? Who knew?) Today I am having YUMMY juice. I'm talking some apple/pear action with my green juice! I am getting excited thinking about it. I really, really, hate to waste organic produce but I CANNOT choke down the rest of that melon/onion juice. It is going lovingly into my compost, may it rot to the benefit of the soil.

Detox: Still having Adventures In Bathroom Land! The exciting story of one woman's ever harrowing quest to make it to the Porcelain Palace, just in the nick of time! (Can this be rainbow chard/Swiss chard doing the honors, revenge of the Rainbow Juice?!) (Or is is just old Ms. Colon doing her heavy house work?!) Tune in tomorrow for another suspenseful tale: will Mallory make it to the facilities in time?! Only the Tidy Bowl Man knows!

Decluttering: My car is full of boxes to drop off at charity places today. And since most of them are having Labor Day sales, and all my Fall clothes are super huge on me, a girl cannot be expected to pass up a quick look-see, now can she?

Yesterday was fun. Cher made a hot pink satin Asian-influenced original dress that I have so say, I would actually wear. She is more of a beginner sewer than I realized, so this was more of a baptism by fire for her, jumping right into patterning and construction, and turning a design in a sketch book into a fabulous frock ready for the runway.

Can I share a secret? The way I got good at this was from my after school job in high school: making dresses for drag queens! I was making costumes for high school productions, and my high school director/drama teacher had once directed shows at Darcelles, our Portland drag queen review. He knew I was picking up patterning/construction skills really quickly, having been making my own clothes since I got old enough to want fashionable clothes and finding only brown polyester in my size! He knew I really needed the cash, and he referred a few "ladies" to me. It was so fun, making trashy-fabulous frocks and star-spangled gowns! Some of it was just tailoring plus-sized dresses to fit their different proportions, but since plus size clothes left a lot to be desired still in the '80's I ended up making a lot of stuff from scratch. Now I am back to my roots in children's theatre, and luckily, the directors I volunteer for love the glitz and glamor just as much as my old "gal" pals, so I get my fix of fabulous, darling. You never know what you will learn in high school!

My Video:
Thank you all for your kind comments on my video tribute to Dave! Yes that was the Red Dress. Since I have decided on the Little Black Dress for the International Day of Juice Feasting (next week! Yipes!) I wanted to wear the red because Dave likes dresses on women. :)

Love you, Dave! I meant everything I said on there. Congrats on finally getting on the 'net! (Don't forget to rest, you amazing Energizer Bunny!)

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