Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 27 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

I now have less than 2 weeks left on this juice feast. Woo-hoo! It has been so enlightening, but it has been a challenge and a test of my will at times. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, and absolutely determined to stick it out.

I want to dedicate this post to a special shout out from Dave, The Raw Food Trucker. I wish each and every one of you could have the chance to just have a few minutes in the presence of this kind, loving, wise one. In this world of PR spin and everyone concerned about their image, the media showing us plastic glamor and glorifying phonies, he is 100% genuine. He speaks directly from his heart, and that heart is the size of Texas. I am so honored that I get to call him friend, and have the opportunity to sit at his feet and LEARN, not just about health and juice feasting, but about LIFE. He is a man who truly loves his fellow man as himself. He helps so many people, he would be embarrassed if I told you. So I will just say that I don't have too many heroes, but Dave The Raw Food Trucker is one of them. :)

Dave wanted me to pass on to you how important it is to take 100% control of your own health. He said he's learning the hard way and he loves us and wants us to have that power over our own destinies. Dave is an incredible example of doing just that, having cured himself of cancer, diabetes, and taken off over 230 pounds to come back from morbid obesity.

He also wanted to tell us how lucky we are to have this place, and to have each other. "It's incredible, everything that Penni does and how she's put that place together. I know she has a family and kids. I don't know how she does it, but God bless her soul. I hope you guys tell Penni how much you appreciate her, and having a place to get that love and support." We do, Dave! We appreciate it SOOOO much. We love our Penni and Susan too! We know that we walk a far easier path because of this place; we don't have to be the lone "health nut," the "crazy vegan" out there on our own. We have each other, and what an enormous blessing that is. I can honestly say that my life has been far more touched and enriched by the people on this website than it has by any more than a handful of the people I see in my daily life.

Dave is so excited that we are all juice feasting. He said he's hearing from lots of people that wonderful healing is happening here. He gives all the credit to Penni for getting us juiced up and keeping us motivated.

So, today, I have a special request. I know a lot of you were planning to try a juice feast, or even just adding some juice to your raw food in the next few days and weeks. In Dave's honor, would you consider having a juice feast in the next few days? It certainly doesn't have to be 40 days! It doesn't even have to be a whole day! It could be any amount--one glass, one quart, one day, or as long as you choose. (If you want to raise a green smoothie, do that!) I know how thrilled he would be, if each of you would lift a glass of your favorite fresh juice in his honor, and say a little prayer or send a little love to Dave for all he has done for others. Drink to his health, and to your own.

This life is way too short. We have to tell people we love them and appreciate them while we we've got them here. Dave never ends a call without telling me, from his heart, that he loves me as his cherished friend. So I want to tell you guys, from my heart, how much I love you all and cherish every one of you.

Please raise your glass (and your prayers and good thoughts) to our friend, Dave, and to your health!

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