Friday, September 17, 2010

The Juicy Life--Breaking the Fast, Day 3

Day 2 was pretty much identical to Day1, because I had leftover green smoothie and blended soup so I had 1 quart green juice in the a.m, 1 quart green smoothie at lunch, and 1 quart green soup for dinner. Again, I was very full and satisfied each meal and didn't really want to eat anything else.

The lovely Star asked me:

I do have two questions for you which I'd love to hear your answers to:
1) How do you feel different physically?
2)How do you feel different emotionally?

I want to focus on just the juice feast stuff, first. For physically, I would have to say my appetite has gone down markedly. I don't know if this is a temporary effect, or if it lasts only until I stretch my stomach back out, or what. I just know that I think it is a really good thing. :) Other changes have also all been positive: I hate to keep going on about my skin, but dang! It is so soft and I barely wear a speck of make-up--maybe some eye-liner and some hemp lip gloss. The tone is really even now and any noticeable blemishes have gone away. I would have to say that is all from the juice. My stomach is flatter. I no longer feel like I look pregnant, which is a plus. I see other signs that the systemic candida infection that I had is seriously under control.

Other good stuff physically is probably from having released 125 lbs. If you will indulge me, I do want to catalog them, to be reminded of how this is all worth it, and to give hope to other people who are seriously obese. I'm not even close to my goal weight (I am exactly at the half-way mark) but already I have had the following good effects (in the order they showed up):

* I sleep peacefully through the night (I used to have nightly anxiety attacks and insomnia)
* My life-long battle with acne is over. I WON.
* No more eczema, flaky, red, ugly patches on my eyebrow, cheek and chin. No more, "What's that on your face?" questions either
* Plantar facaiitis (severe heel pain) in both feet has gone away
* Increased energy. No longer fall asleep in front of tv at 7pm every night. Only need 7 hrs of sleep instead of 10+
* Able to exercise much longer--more stamina and able to walk much farther and faster
* No more skin and other kinds of yeast infections. 'Nuff said about that!
* Back and knee pain gone. When I do strain my back, I'm better in a day, not a month
* No more scary heart palpitations
* Got off all my prescription medications (with my doctor's full knowledge and consent! VERY IMPORTANT!)
* No more heart burn and gross acid in my throat.
* No more embarrassing gas, or the tummy cramps that came with it
* Normal elimination--no diarrhea or constipation (a little diarrhea on the juice feast but not normally)
* Only 2 chins :) Face looks so much thinner
* Much flatter belly--no longer look 9 months pregnant
* Much more flexible--able to reach all my body parts :)
* My seat belt fits! (I went years without wearing one and scared myself a lot.)
* I can fly on a plane and don't need to ask for the seat belt extender. (So embarrassing!)
* I can fit in movie theatre and auditorium seats. I no longer "spill over" into other people's seats!
* It sounds braggy, but people say my skin glows. ALL the time. Even strangers.
* My eyes are brighter and clearer.
* I have released 125 lbs, more than 105 of it in 9 months. I've gone from a 5X in clothes to a 2X and still shrinking.

As far as emotionally:

* I am ridiculously cheerful 99% of the time. I just feel so happy and blessed! I used to hear Shazzie talk about "ecstatic living" and I thought she was over-the-top. I get it, now.
* I have a much more even-keeled mood. I feel in control of my emotions.
* No more crying at work (thank goodness! so unprofessional...)
* My relationship with my kids is better than ever
* No more anxiety attacks (I listed this as physical and emotional, because it is!)
* I have forgiven people for the unforgivable. :) I have sent love and healing to my past, and released myself and everyone else from the pain of my childhood. I am free to love.
* I have super-strong self-control muscles. I have been relieved, by the grace of God, of my compulsions to overeat. (This blows my mind! I had NO self-control. Zero. Zip. Amazing!)
* When my Brat pipes up in my head, I know just what to say to shut her up. :)
* I am no longer depressed. I have hope for the future and I am focused on making it amazing
* I have much more empathy for other people. Relieved of my own pain, I have energy to help others

I could probably go on and on, but if that is not a testimony to the live food diet, I don't know what is. Again, I give all the glory to God, and I always will. I am a walking, talking mass of pure gratitude!

I want to say that when you see a person who is severely overweight, you are most likely seeing someone who is enormous physical pain, all the time. They may be responsible for getting themselves there, but it is not like they want to be where they got! They may have built the prison, but it's not like they know where the door is. They haven't figured out yet how to get themselves to do what they desperately want to do. People often add to the pain by being cruel. People recognize alcoholism and drug addiction as serious conditions, and know that people must get help to get better. But obese people are told "just eat less and exercise more." Wow! Thanks, Doc! Why didn't I think of that?! Why not tell the crack addict, "Just stop buying any more crack! Problem solved!" And think of this: what if that crack addict was trying really hard to be sober, but on literally on every corner, there was a crack vendor? I mean every gas station, store, even crack vending machines, and commercials on late night tv enticing him, "You want crack, right now!" That is what it is like for a food addict. Now imagine that the crack addict could not completely abstain, but had to have a little crack to survive--but too much would kill them. Again, that is the lot of the food addict.

My plea is for compassion. Love your neighbor, no matter the size. There are people with eating disorders who get told how they look thin and beautiful, like they have it all together, and inside they are suffering enormous pain. Don't judge a person by her size. Don't judge a person. :) Easier said than done. But pain is pain. We all need each other to get by in this world. Heal the world with your love and compassion.

I have been so blessed to feel SO MUCH love and amazing compassion and empathy. Raw people are the nicest people. Period. :) That healing love has helped me in immeasurable ways.

As for today's plan, I am doing green juice again this morning, followed by more smoothies. My body is telling me it is the right thing to do. :) Maybe I will have solid food tomorrow? For now I am so enjoying fiber and the loveliness of fruit and feeling full and nourished.

The Juicy Life is becoming the Smoothie Life. All I can say is, "Yum!"

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