Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 37 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

I sliced the tip of my left index finger (*shaking my fist at that cucumber!*) so it is interesting trying to type today. I never have knife accidents, and yet, on this juice feast it has happened TWICE in the last 37 days--and both times, it was a stinking cucumber I was slicing. Clearly proof that they are evil. Or that I am clumsy. Nah!

I am up early, even though I don't have to be, because I am nervous for Nora who is taking her ACT today. If you feel like it, could you say a little prayer for her to do well? She is really worked up about it. Nora is a smarty who is basically taking her first year of college during this, her senior year. She has really hard classes like Calculus and French 7-8. She works really hard and gets straight A's. She'd love to get into a great college, like NYU, and if my mail box crowded with college catalogs is any indication, lots of great schools would love to have her too. But money is an issue and scholarships are key and the way she performs on entrance exams has a huge impact on both admissions and financial aid.

I really ought to be sleeping because this weekend is going to be busy, in an awesome way. Today is my first day back to the Sweat Shop (you might know it as the Costume Department) of the local children's musical theatre company that my son has been in the cast of since he was 8. Last night, we had our "welcome back" meeting, and I saw all these people that I haven't seen since last November. It seemed as if each and every one of them had to stop me and ask how much weight I've lost! lol I've decided that I am just saying, "A lot." and smiling from now on. :) Today the kids have their "read through" of the script, and us mamas and grandmas get to corral and measure 60 kids from head to toe, literally, and figure out what we are doing for each one for costumes. Most kids have 5-6 costume changes each. (Joe got one of the leads, so he has even more!) Now consider that we put this entire show together on the weekends in Sept and October and run the show the first 3 weekends in November. It is incredible what we can accomplish, all working together.

Tomorrow, of course, is THE main event, The International Day of Juice Feasting! The rawsome Mauri is being nice enough to pick up Thubten and myself and we are carpooling the three hour drive to Seattle from Portland together. I can't wait! It will be so nice to lay my eyes on Dave, for one thing, and just assure myself completely that my amazing friend is really, truly, going to be just fine. I am really looking forward to the road trip, too! Mauri and I have been meaning to get together forever, and she is a busy mama and I am a busy mama so it has been hard to make it happen. Thubten is a hoot and I always enjoy his company.

The event itself is going to be incredible: Dave is going to speak, if he's up to it. But the other speakers will be incredible, too: Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes-Monarch, Elaina Love, and Piter U. Caizer, who is better known as the "Wild Grass Juice Messiah." I am going to try wild-grass juice for the first time! Think I will like it? I've never even had a shot of wheatgrass juice! (Hmmm, I really ought to try that sometime, too!) Don't worry--I will get my reaction on video! We will all have our Flips with us. :)

Yes, I am wearing the Little Black Dress for sure. It fits a little nicer with 31 more pounds off since I bought it. :)

I wish I knew the venue better, so I could say, "Everyone from RFR, meet by the 'XX'! " Has anyone been to the Laughing Ladies Cafe who can suggest a good meeting spot? I am figuring most of y'all will know me on sight by now because of putting my mug out there in pictures and on videos. I'll be the one who is slowly turning pale green from drinking all this juice! And the one who is all geeked up beyond reason and acting like a dork, probably.

I can't believe it is day 37. I never thought I would say that. I am 92.5% of the way through my juice feast! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe the glass at the bottom of the Ball jar is more accurate! Thanks for sticking with me through all the "stuff" I've been working through. Tomorrow, we party and celebrate the juiciness of life, love, and friendship. Rawsome!

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