Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Juicy Life--Breaking the Fast, Day 2

Yesterday went really well! I woke up and had my green juice--it was so much quicker and easier to make 1 quart than 4! That was really yummy. I have decided I love tomato as the base for my green juice and I am not so crazy about cucumber. And not just because I always cut my fingers when I am trying to cut cucumbers! I think I just o.d.ed on them. Yesterday's juice was a lovely tomato, celery, romaine, and sweet red bell pepper. I plan to continue drinking at least a quart of low-glycemic veggie juice every morning. My juice feast showed me what the juice can do for your skin and for your workout regime. I wish you could see Mauri's skin up close--she is stunning. Juicy girls have the glow! Just look at Penni!

I find it a little hilarious that I ended up with good skin, too. I had TERRIBLE skin all my life. I had lots of acne, until I was 38. (I am convinced that dairy causes acne for lots of people. When I "forced" my kids to go vegan for a while, their teenage skin cleared up beautifully. Once they started drinking milk again, it was back to Zitville.) On top of that, my face was always bright red, which I found out was from using conditioner that I was allergic to. I just thought it was my normal, so I went around looking sunburned for years. In case that wasn't enough, I had scaley, red patches of what I thought were eczema but what I believe now were candida yeast on my face. Sexy! I'm sharing this to give you hope if you have skin problems. Raw vegan food and especially a juice program and you will get the glow fo' sho'.

The rest of the day, I broke the fast with green smoothies. I went to Limbo and got a HUGE package of mixed organic greens for a dollar. (Oh how I adore thee, Limbo!) People, this bag o'greens is the size of a pillow case. So I filled my Vitamix half way with packed greens (gotta use them up!) and the rest of the way with fresh organic strawberries (lower glycemic than other fruit), fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a couple of nectarines that were nice and ripe and needed to be eaten and made a DELICIOUS smoothie! It was so good, and so filling with all that fiber. I kind of felt a little stuffed after being on juice and basically being hungry for 40 days. I wasn't hungry again for about 4 hrs!

Then I made a blended soup, just to have another taste. Again, I filled the Vitamix half-way with packed greens, and added 4 heirloom organic tomatoes, the juice of one lemon, 1 red bell pepper, 4 stalks of celery for salt, 2 carrots for sweetness, half a small red onion, 1/4 of an ancho chili (seeds and veins removed) and 1 clove of garlic. I processed it in the Vitamix and made a soup that was absolutely delicious to my cleansed, juicy palate.

I had a quart of each kind of smoothie and that's all the food I wanted yesterday. My stomach has definitely shrunk on the juice and I am happy with less food. I felt so good and so satisfied and FULL. I think this is the perfect way to break the fast--easy on the belly, and full of lots of greens. I'm hooked on the GREEN. (Not quite as hooked as Dave, though! Did you see him drinking all that wheatgrass juice in the video?! No wonder he looks so great less than 2 wks after a heart attack and stroke! The man is a green juice drinking MACHINE.) My next project will be to grow some wheat grass trays and start juicing it. I was very inspired by the fine Dr. Brian J. Wright. :)

Yesterday, after taking care of the wound care for Mom's foot, I decided on a whim to go to a store near her house that I know has lacy underthings for really cheap. It used to be that I was a bigger size than what they carried, and my "lingerie" consisted of granny panties and industrial-strength, extra-ugly bras that required more engineering than the Brooklyn bridge, and showed it! I am very embarrassed to confess that I have still been wearing my 400 lbs underwear. It was so comfy! And I'm on a tight budget...and no one really ever sees it, and there just didn't seem like a good reason to replace it...except. They started FALLING off me. Like, literally. And since I prefer dresses and skirts most of the time...yeah, so not good, that. So! I was lured by the siren's call to figure out what Victoria's secret really is. Then I decided, Victoria can just KEEP her secret, because this place has CUTE stuff for so, so CHEAP. Cheap is my favorite, people! I got two bras--really cute, sexy bras! No matter that I'm the only one who'll ever see them. :) And some other unmentionables except I am totally mentioning them, aren't I? Because it's just underwear. We all wear it, hopefully. But these actually stay on and you probably wouldn't run screaming if you saw them, and they are pretty and actually you know, FIT.

I think it was a good reward for 40 days of juicy discipline. And Mama always said, "Cover your buns!"

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