Friday, September 3, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 29 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

By now, you know that my friend in the hospital is Dave. I have known for a few days, but I wanted to respect his privacy and his right to announce about it on his own terms. I just want to go on record as saying how proud I am of how he is handling this whole situation. In the hospital, the balance of power swings strongly toward the people in the white coats, and the person in the bed fighting for their own life can feel helpless in the face of that. But Dave is not about to give up control of his own health and destiny. I love that he politely but firmly refused the hospital food that is a nutritional nightmare. He had every excuse, if he wanted one, to go back to eating all the stuff that made him 430 lbs in the first place, but even in his most dire hour, he was so strong. His resolve to stay "Raw, Vegan, Organic" never wavered.

I am reading all of the comments on the thread Penni put up and I have tears running down my cheeks, learning how much people love Dave and what huge admiration they have for him. Penni says that his best buddy, "Beauty, Elegance and Grace" has been reading him all of them, so it makes me smile from ear to ear to know that he is getting to read all the great stuff people think about him. That is so special--it is not often in this life that you get the chance to find out how much you mean to people while you are still alive. And Dave is very much alive! He will heal, and he will come back better than ever. I have absolutely no doubt about that. He has already overcome a lifetime habit of overeating, cancer, and diabetes. He will heal from this stroke and along the way, he will inspire even more people to take control of their lives and their health, and it will roll like a wave all over the planet.

If you have not had a chance to post on that discussion, will you please go and do that now? Even a few words to say how much you love or admire him, and some get well wishes, will feed him the vital medicine of hope, and love and radiant beams of light. And if you have even a few bucks that you could send his way? That would be such a HUGE blessing. He needs to concentrate on getting well, not on how in the world he's going to get by without being able to drive for 6 months. Dave is one of the most generous people I have ever met. If you needed it, he would be there in a heartbeat. Everyone can do SOMETHING, if we're honest. Think about how much it has meant to your life to be inspired, uplifted, and delighted by this sweet, sincere spirit. Is that worth something to you? I will get off my soapbox, but I so encourage you to go right now to Penni's announcement and leave your comments, and your love. The paypal and address to send checks are there, also.

I think that how we help Dave will be a testimony to the rest of the world of how the raw food community is compassionate, sincere, and loving. We are about nothing, if not health and healing and loving our neighbor.

And Dave, if you get to read this, I want to tell you that I really do care about you, more than I have words for. I have every faith in you that you will come back from this, and be happy and healthy, and able to help even more people, which I know is your passion. The moment I met you, I felt a rush of love (I know you call this the Living Life Force) and just huge admiration for you that went so much farther than just knowing your incredible story of overcoming health challenges. It is something deeper--it is something about you, the man that you are, and how you choose to live in compassion and sincerity on daily basis. I am so lucky that Annette asked me to Blossoming Lotus that night and I got to meet you! I thank you for all you have done for me, all the coaching and great talks we've had, and for being my friend. Take care and rest up good buddy. Teresa is incredible--such a treasure--and I know she is handling everything. Your job is just to rest and to heal and to stay positive, no matter what. You are in my heart and in my prayers always, my dear friend. Always. I love you!

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