Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 34 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Yesterday was a zoo, Chez Mal. It was all due to lack of preparation. I always make the kids a special breakfast on the first day of school, but yesterday, I looked in the fridge and the pantry and I had bupkis--nada--Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards were better than mine. So I was all, "Hey kids! Surprise! Special first day of school breakfast out!" and we went to a restaurant. They made not so great choices for breakfast, and I didn't feel like being Commandant Vitamin and dictating the choices, so we'll just chalk it up experience. It was a Mommy-Fail moment. I was determined to do better.

The worst part was I had no time to make my juice! I had about two quarts left from the night before, so I got by on those, till I got home from work. Then I got shopping in, which made me grumpy because 5:30pm is about the worst time to shop of all. The stores were all crowded, and people cross and impatient, elbowing me out of the arugula. Hey lady, arugula tastes gross in juice (ask me how I know this!) so you can HAVE the arugula, a'ight? Of course we got our first good dousing rainstorm, and of course my cute new raincoat was HOME doing me no good.

So wet dog Mal came home, made dinner for the kids, made juice for me, heard about their first day at school while I cleaned the kitchen and did my laundry and didn't sit down till 9:45pm when I finally got to snuggle up and watch a movie with Nora for 15 minutes till we had to go to bed.

My point is that this whole day could have gone so much better if only I had been prepared! A quick trip to the store could have saved me so much irritation and a sore bust from that lady's knobby elbows! I am throwing my raincoat in the car (always a good idea in Portland Wetland), and planning out the rest of the week's routine.

Let me be your cautionary tale! Are you prepared? :) I got that way, and today's going to be a better day because of it!

What Day I'm On: 34 out of 40, 85% of the way, 6 days to go!

How's It Going? Getting very excited about going to Seattle this weekend! Getting even more excited because it looks like I might not have to drive by myself after all! I think I am going with Mauri (hi Mauri!) from RFR who is on a 50+ day juice feast. Can I just say, right now, how I admire people who go on these LOOOOONNNGGGG juice feasts? 40 days is almost here and I. am. SO. READY. Penni went on 92 days! Philip McClusky did 100, and Dave did so many he stopped keeping track, but it was way over 100! My hat is off to all of you!

Are you going to the International Day of Juice Feasting Sunday? If you are not in God's Country (as Dave calls the Pacific NW) are you going to join in by U-stream or right here on RFR?

I Pink Puffy Heart Raw Food Rehab: Penni raised so much moola with Real Juice Daily, and all of you made that happen by buying her wonderful book! I promise it is going to be a great resource for you, and such a page-turner. I finished mine the day I got it and it is a very substantial read. I have gone back to it over and over on this feast. I am just wowed by Lisa Viger's watercolor of Dave (have you seen that incredible video?) and by her generosity giving 50% of her ebook "Raw On $10 A Day" I have loved that book for a long time now, because it has great recipes and tells you all the secrets of doing healthy on the cheap. I loves me both cheap and healthy! If your budget won't budge, you NEED to invest in that one. Also Debra Gardner is donating 50% of the proceeds from her book and dvd combo so I am going to figure out how to get some money for that, because I rilly rilly rilly wanted to win that when it was a prize, and a good cause is all the excuse I need, honey!

What about you? Is there something you could do to raise money for Dave? (I am doing something Sooper Secrit right now. It is going great and I wish I could tell ya about it. Soon! Stay tuned!) If you are like me, and have more creativity than cash, could you use your talents to produce something for sale? Could you have an un-bake sale at your next meetup? Could you pass the hat at a meetup? Sell your old-life cooking stuff on Craigslist? If you water fast from time to time, could you take the money you would have spent on food for those days and donate it? It is so fun when you let the wheels spin when what you are scheming about is how to help someone out! You feel so great. I believe every single time you bless someone else, you get blessed even more.

The love, she is flowing in the 'Hab. Have a great day! (That's right, I'm talking to YOU!) Love ya!

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