Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Juicy Life--Breaking the Fast, Day 5

Oh my goldfish--I was almost done writing this post and my browser crashed and I lost it all! I am starting to sense a little of what poor Penni has gone through with her computer crashing multiple times. Ack! *shakes fist at computers in general, then takes it back because really, she loves them*

Ok, my other post, was SO MUCH BETTER, (trust me! lol) but here's the gist. I stayed on green smoothies just fine yesterday. All the cravings were gone. I am SO happy that I didn't give in to temptation or I would most likely still be feeling the after effects right now.

It was so much easier to be sipping my smoothie all day while working in the Sweat Shop (costume department of my son's musical theatre.) I was busy doing patterning from the designer's sketches (harder than it sounds.) And then I got to work on what I really love: hat making. That is my specialty in the company. So yesterday, I got to get started on 12 cute red fez hats with tassels for 12 even cuter little girls (of course I will post pictures when they're done) and one tiny little red fez for a stuffed monkey. The monkey is Mr. George, my son's chimpanzee puppet (Joe is a talented puppeteer) and he just felt that Mr. George really ought to have a fez. Naturally. So I was happy to oblige. :)

When I get the fezes done, I get to make spoon-bill bird hats. I love making the "critter" hats--I do it muppet-style, with big halved ping-pong balls for the eyes, and huge fake eyelashes to really make the characters come alive. This is my favorite kind of hat making--last year I was fighting with buckram to make forms for what became glamorous pill box and bowler hats, and it was frustrating because every little mistake shows on that kind of hat. Plus, the directors I work with have a very clear idea of what they want, but they aren't always great at communicating it TO ME. It's more like they'll know it when they see it, lol. Finally, it is a fine line between Glamorville and TackyTown when you are doing fancy hats. The character hats are much more my style!

It is so much easier to stick with my green smoothies when I am busy in creative activity. I barely even noticed all the ladies horking down the baked goods people invariably bring to the Sweat Shop until some of them asked me how I can resist. (Every other year, I was right in there, horking away with them. It was my favorite part of the Sweat Shop!) They say, "Idle hands are the devil's playthings," and while I don't know about that, lol, I do know I find it so much easier to resist temptation when I focused on something I enjoy.

So I decided I am going to stick to the following, until I get sick of it: green juice every morning, then a green smoothie with fruit later, a savory "soup" green smoothie for mid-afternoon, and a fancier, raw dinner for me and the kids. Why? It's all about the greens, baby! The green juice doesn't take so long, now that I only have to make 1 quart instead of 4, and the green smoothies take maybe two minutes to make. So it is quick, convenient, full of fiber, alkalizing, healthy and yummy. Plus, I can "drink my lunch" while I'm at my desk, and still have my whole lunch hour for walking/prayer/meditation time.

If I get bored with this, I can switch it up. I don't think I will because I am going to making exciting dinners. During my juice feast, I got clarity about the fact that what I was doing was not working for me. I used to take some time and make a yummy, cooked dinner for the kids. Then I would grab an avocado and some pre-made salsa and call it dinner for me. I saw that I need to put just as much effort into making a nice dinner for myself as I do for my children. Plus, it was really tempting, having to cook those foods, wanting to taste while cooking to check the flavor, and having the left-overs in the house to tempt me. And my kids are perfectly game to eat raw, as long as it TASTES GREAT.

With that in mind, I think I have a winning line-up of dinners this week. (By the way, I always do the same cuisines on certain nights of the week. That is my tip for you because it makes meal planning a snap. You'll see what I mean:)

Sunday--Sunday Supper--This is an awesome weekly raw vegan meet-up I go to every week (when I am not juice feasting!) I am so lucky to have this weekly gathering! It is catered by local, raw professional chefs and talented amateurs from the group.

Monday--Mexican--Raw Tacos (walnut taco "meat" in romaine taco-shells) with guacamole and fresh salsa and raw corn chips

Tuesday--Tuscan--(or any Italian!) Zucchini spaghetti marinara, big green salad and flax "garlic bread"

Wednesday--What's Left Wednesday: a time to eat up any left-overs! (if none, it's every diner for himself!)

Thursday--Thai One On--(Actually any asian food, but Thai One On works so well!) Kelp noodle Pad Thai, and nori-rolls with cilantro-lime pate, and Asian Persuasion Coleslaw

Friday--Pizza Night! Raw flax cracker pizza with raw pizza sauce, rawmigan and toppings and a big green salad

Saturday--SS&S--Soup, Sandwich, and Salad Bar Make dehydrator "bread" and tortillas, and provide all manner of yummy pate, nut cheeze, and fresh veggies to make-your-own sandwich and salad how you like. Serve with gazpacho or other raw soup.

Now do you think I'll get bored with a menu like that? I don't! It's all about the planning, my Raw Scouts! All about the planning!

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