Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 26 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Well, it's getting interesting around here! We have a little debate going about how to break a fast. I knew I had heard that David Rainosheck now says that green smoothies are the best way to break a fast.

I had first read that you are supposed to eat soaked prunes for a few days, up to 6 for a long juice feast like mine (anything over 12 days). Then you have juicy fruits, while still drinking green juice and really hold off on adding back non-juicy fruits like bananas and avocados till after you've added back green salads, in the last few days of breaking the fast.

But then I saw the Rainoshecks on youtube and in an interview with both of them with their sweet new baby, he explains that green smoothies are the new, preferred way to break the fast. That's fine with me, I am not so crazy about the whole prune idea.

And in Real Juice Daily, Penni writes about how she was getting ready to break her 92 day feast (92 days! My cow, Penni, how I admire you!) and she was glad that the new protocol was green smoothies but then the power went out and she got stuck with the soaked prune method after all!

Any whoodle, I am guessing I will go with the green smoothie method, combined with some soaked prunes, and continue some green juice while I break the fast (after 40 days, of course!) The prunes are to ya know, get you moving, *wink wink* but honestly, maybe I am a mutant, but I have been *wink wink* moving all along. Maybe it's because I take magnesium? Anyway, I love a good plum, but mushy soaked prunes don't sound great to me, and I literally have not eaten a thing in 26 days. Maybe by day 40 they'll sound good! Don't bet the farm. :)

What Day I'm On: 26 out of 40, 65% of the way there

How's It Going? Today was good--no headache, just a twinge of a bellyache, which I still think is related to my back strain. Or maybe it's because I have taken to drinking Penni's "salsa juice" which has onion and garlic and a wee lil bit of jalapeno in it? I love it so. It is quite yumfull. I may lay off it for a day and see if it helps my tummy. I am trying to see if I can get rid of any parasites, as gross as that sounds. The only thing grosser? Is having the PARASITES STAY IN ME. I'm told I need wormwood and some other herbs to do a right and proper job of it. I will have to cruise by Limbo ("See the famous 'Wall of Herbs'! Over 700 varieties!") to see if they have any fluke-be-gone or worm-away or similar.

My back strain is better today. I'm convinced it's giving me just enough heck so I don't forget not to be a dork and decide to move heavy inanimate objects for fun anymore. It still hurts when I sit, or drive, or stand from a sitting position. The good thing is that it doesn't hurt at all to walk, so my exercise hasn't been affected. Plus I have access to an endless supply of ice packs at work and hot and cold running Physical Therapists. My back strain doesn't stand a chance in the face of such good stuff coming my way!

In Real Juice Daily, Penni wrote about the theory that you go back 120 days in time, spiritually, for every one day that you are juice feasting. Since I am 40, that who have me back to age 27 right now. When I was 27, hmm, ok, Nora would have been 4 and Joe was 2. It's about the time I decided I couldn't bear to have them in daycare anymore (too many fears from my past combined with bad experiences with my kids' daycare) and I pulled them out and quit my job on a whim and started MY OWN daycare. I knew how much I was paying for daycare and I figured, there was decent money in it, I love kids, and how else is a single mom going to stay home with her own? Plus I had been a preschool teacher just out of college, so I knew I loved it and had some experience. I am wondering if this is what brought up, in some way, me sharing about the babysitter who abused me in my post on Day 22? Anyway, it was a bold (maybe foolhardy) move, but it all worked out, and while we didn't live high on the hog, I did get to be there for the precious childhoods of the people I love most in this world.

This whole juice feasting thing? It really is a spiritual journey. They say the longest journey in life is the 18 inches from the head to the heart. I walk the line. Juicy. Life.

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