Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 10 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Today I am one quarter of the way through my juice feast. I am super excited because my friend in real life, Thubten (pronounced Tube-Ten) has joined Raw Food Rehab! Thubten has been doing this with me, Annette, and Dave The Raw Food Truck Driver, ever since we had dinner with Dave and met him. Thubten is a social media expert and a really fun guy. I really admire that he lives without a car on purpose, for the environment, and his blog is really fun because he makes great recipes. Like me, he has already released a lot of weight, but he still has a long way to go. We are not "befores" or "afters" we are "durings." lol I know he's going to love it here.

Annette is busy training for a 127 mile relay race, the Hood to Coast. She is totally amazing to me. She has climbed to the top of Mt. Hood and is planning to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro next October. She is a raw food caterer, and just fully amazing. I am so happy she has been doing this with me!

What Day I'm On: 10 out of 40, exactly 25% of the way

How's It Going? I don't know if I've just got some lousy produce (I doubt it) but every juice is tasting very bleck to me, except the tomato/sweet pepper/basil. All the really green ones (and yes, they are so green they are like neon teal in color) taste awful and I have just been choking them down. My house stinks like cucumbers too. I always though cucumber was a nice smell. Now it is kind of obnoxious. I think this is just the normal "been doing it a while" fatigue. Not fun though.

What I'm Excited About: My friends on this journey with me. I continue to love your comments and feedback and I'm so excited by all the other people doing this too. We are doing it!

I'm also still really enjoying Real Juice Daily. I definitely recommend it to anyone trying a juice feast, or who just wants a really good read!

Also, I used my pretty new juicer to make all my juice yesterday and it works great! I am getting so much drier pulp than I did with Jack, and so much more juice out of my produce. I think this accounts for the taste change in my juice: I am actually getting a lot more out of the greens and so it changes the taste. I feel so lucky and grateful to have a great juicer!

What I'm Drinking: Tried switching it up: I had one romaine/celery/cucumber, one kale/cucumber/lemon, one tomato/celery/red bell pepper/basil, and one Heinz 57 with all my odds and ends: beet greens, rainbow chard, celery, cucumber, kale, romaine, and red bell pepper.

Still holding my nose and thinking of England.

Detox? Still sneezing, running nose. Nothing much else to report

Emotional Detox? I'm feeling a little angry for no reason at times. Trying not to let it affect the ones I love. This could just be hormones, as I definitely have experienced PMS in the past (hoping not to in the future!)

This was a really busy Sunday so I'm cutting this one short. Everyone have a great week and stay juicy!

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