Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 6 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

What Day I'm On: 6 out of 40 (approx 1/7 of the way)

How's It Going: Yesterday was kind of hard. I made a rookie mistake of not making enough juice. You are supposed to make 4 quarts, then drink 1/2 quart, wait 90 min, drink another 1/2 quart, wait 90 minutes, drink another half quart, and so on. I ran out of juice at 4 pm and didn't want to bother making more. Mistake! Not going to let myself get that hungry again.

What I'm Excited About: I'm getting a new juicer! I have been using a Jack La Lanne, which has been fine, but it does a lousy job with greens, which are vital on a juice feast. So a dear, awesome, wonderful friend decided to get me a new juicer without me even complaining about the old one! (I am kinda sorta broke so I would not have been able to do it on my own.) How amazing is that?! I'm walking on sunshine! I can't wait till it comes. It is an Omega so I will be able to make nut butters and ice cream after the juice feast is done. And during the juice feast, I will get that green "gold" and it won't waste all my greens and not even juice them. Woo-hoo! *Does A Little Happy Dance!*

What I'm Drinking: Tomato/sweet red pepper/basil (so good!) Today I am adding celery and romaine to it. I am adding flax seed oil and taking spirulina caps. There are other supplements I need to be getting--I will talk about that tomorrow.

Detox? I've got boils (something I've experienced ever since I went raw, big time detox going down.) They are in delicate places we shan't speak of. A-hem. But anyway, they are not giving me too much pain, and this too shall pass. Diarrhea stopped. Headaches off and on, but then, I let myself get too hungry. Overall, not too bad.

Emotional Detox? Yep. I'm pretty melancholy, for me. If it wasn't me, you'd never know. I've been told I'm kind of a relentlessly cheerful person. I just choose to be happy, whatever the circumstances. This feels different, though, like there are things coming up that I'm meant to get rid of. I am quiet, meditative.

Emotional De-Cluttering: Just sitting with these feelings and trying to figure out where they are coming from and what they are trying to teach me.

Physical De-Cluttering: Excuses, excuses, but it has been a busy couple days. It's on my to-do list!

Advice From Dave: He's sending me all the 411 on the International Day of Juicing on September 12 in Seattle. I will get that out to all of you soon. He warned me again that I NEED to be taking supplements, so I am going to get some, as much as I can afford. I want to do GOOD for my body, not harm. I have been doing the dry skin-brushing daily, and the hot-cold-hot-cold showers (fun!) but I need to start enemas now that the diarrhea is gone. Woo-hoo, something to look forward to! lol

He also told me if you are interested in having him coach you (he is an awesome coach!) give your phone number to me. I will forward it to Dave and he will call you. Easy peasey.

Have a great day and thanks for supporting me!

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