Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Dinner With Dave The Raw Food Trucker

Some of you may have heard about Dave, the Raw Food Trucker. He is pretty well known in the raw community because of his awesome Youtube videos. Dave is a remarkable guy--he used to weigh 430 lbs. He was also diagnosed with cancer, and had diabetes that was bad enough that he almost had to go on insulin. That would have meant giving up trucking, which he loves. Instead, Dave had some great friends who introduced him to the raw food diet, and he released over 230 lbs, is cancer free, and has normal blood sugars! He is also warm, funny, and genuinely caring. I know, because I got to have dinner with him!

Monday afternoon, Annette from here at RFR messaged me that he was coming to town and there was a spur of the moment meetup planned at our favorite live cuisine restaurant, Blossoming Lotus to meet him. I was excited about meeting Dave, but honestly I was just as excited about meeting the fabulous Annette!

So I had a great meal and met lots of nice people. A lot of folks had never heard of Raw Food Rehab, so you KNOW I gave them the 411! Gotta share the love. We've got such a good thing going, but we can't be greedy and hog it, lol. There were so many people that showed up to meet Dave, that he ended up sitting at the other end of the table, but said he'd come see us a little later. So Annette and I had a great visit. It was like that line from the song The Rainbow Connection, "There's not a word yet/ For old friends, who've just met." She is a fabulous lady and I got to hear all about her raw catering business and I showed some stuff on her iphone and we laughed and ate, my two favorite things!

Sadly, Annette had to leave before Dave came to our end of the table. But when he did, I totally hit it off with him. We had a great talk, and I ended up driving him back to his hotel (his truck is in the shop.) He gave me great advice about "long-haul weight loss" since he's released more than 200 lbs, and I have released almost 100 but have a 150 more to go after that. He mentioned that he'd like to try another juice feast, and asked if I and another guy we met who has released a lot of weight, but like me, has a long way to go, would join him.

I have never tried a juice feast! I have always fallen firmly into the Green Smoothie camp because I believe the fiber is a sponge that gets rid of your toxins (I got that from Victoria Boutenko, whom I have tremendous respect for.) I have also water fasted, but 10 days was the longest. But our gorgeous Penni has been educating us about juicing, and then I meet Dave by chance, and he suggests a juice feast, and I'm starting to believe that God is trying to show me something, here.

So, ok, I am willing! Dave, Thubten (the other guy) and I are all going on a juice feast this month in honor of International Day of Juicing that is coming up next September 12. I am going to feast for the month (yikes!) and then I am going, along with Dave, to the big International Juice Feasting conference in Seattle at the end of my feast. I will get to meet Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch! (Here I am rubbing elbows with all these raw food celebs! I've had Rawdawg Rory and Amanda at my house, I've had dinner with Dave The Raw Food Trucker--next thing you know I'll have high tea with Ani Phyo or something!)

I am nervous but excited about trying juicing. Dave said that if I can't do it, it is perfectly fine to go back to eating, but we are going to stick to Gabriel Cousens' Rainbow Green Live Cuisine, Phase 1 recipes. That is the plan that Dave had so much success with, and the one he recommends for the short run.

So I will fill you in on my juicy adventures as we go along here. I feel like such a name-dropper! This is just so kewl. Any advice for me on juicing? Of course I am joining the Liquid Lounge and reading everything I can find about it. I am more wanting advice about the sticking to it for a whole month! I know Penni did months and months. Also, am I going to go broke buying all this produce?! Time will tell!

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Dianne Raw Girl said...

Give Dave a Hug for me If you read this before he leaves.He comes to the Seattle often ,but its been several months almost 1 year since i last saw him.I love dave he is so aspiring.He is so inspiring I am starting fresh today Thursday August 12th for a 3 day only green juice cleanse.And continue from there.He knows me as DianneRawGirl