Monday, August 30, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 25 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

What Day I'm On: 25 out of 40 (62.5% of the way)

How's It Going? Better today! My headache is gone, thank the Lord! The tummy ache seems to only bother me in the mornings, and the back ache is getting better but is definitely still there. Luckily, it does not keep me from walking or exercising, just sitting. Unluckily, guess what my job has me doing all day? Warming that office chair! But s'ok--there is one way I can sit, leaning way back with the keyboard propped up on my belly, that it doesn't hurt. I will just explain to the patients that I am working around back pain. Since I work in the Physical Therapy department, I'm pretty sure they'll understand!

I know what I did to my back--I moved a very heavy compost container. I knew when I tried to move it that I really ought to get help. When will I learn that I am not Super Mal?! Sorry back! Sorry sciatic nerve that I ticked off! Won't happen again.

I had fun with my kids, going to both of their grandparents' houses like we usually do on Sundays. Lunch at my ex-MIL who nodded approvingly at my juice and asked how much longer. (Only 15 days! Woot!) My mom gave me some good-natured ribbing, "That looks like bile!" so I gave her some back, "Yep, looks like bile and almost as tasty!" We both laughed pretty hard. I know that she's proud of me for sticking with this.

We went shopping and Mom got me a couple of cardigan sweaters, one in a cheery cotton candy pink and one in a bright lovely turquoise. I wear a lot of black (a LOT of black!) so they'll be nice for a little pop of color and they're perfect for layering. In the Pacific NW, weather is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you're going to get! The cardigans were so cheap--on clearance from Spring, maybe? But that was so nice of Mom--she wouldn't let me talk her out of getting them for me. :)

When I did her wound care, I agree with the doctor, it looks a whole lot better. Yay for homeopathic rememdies! How I would dearly love to get her on raw food, even for a couple of months, the way Rawdawg Rory did for his mom. His mom had awesome results: she released 40 lbs, she got to get off a lot of her medications, and she had some ulcers on her legs that she'd had for more than 3 yrs finally heal up. My mom was raised in the South, and supper isn't supper without some unfortunate animal fried up in Crisco on the plate. She doesn't like sweets, so I can't hook her in with raw desserts, my usual tactic. She does like salad and other veggies so I make a point of bringing over something for her to "try" each week. So far, she loves my version of Thai salad rolls, and my Asian Persuasion Coleslaw (which even has a little raw beet in it and it turns it a gorgeous pink!) I know the garlic and ginger and the cruciferous veggies are great for her. I will hook her in yet! hee hee (insert manachical cackle) No, seriously, I never ever ever nag her about trying raw because that's a great way to make someone hate it. I just bring her "treats." My dad too! He's easier because he loves desserts and green smoothies. Dad has Multiple Sclerosis. They are both in wheelchairs. Mom, who has only one leg, takes care of Dad! She is kind of amazing. Joe, my youngest, has three more years of high school. When he's on to college, I will move in with my parents so I can take care of them more. Their house is all set up for them, and they love being independent. Honestly, it would be easier on me than running across town to their place all the time. They don't need much help--just with the major household chores--Mom does the cooking and laundry and dishes. I do the bathrooms and mopping and vacuuming, etc. I also water their plants and get the mail, little stuff like that. It would be so much easier if I lived there. I could also take over their mortgage payment, since it is about the same as what I pay in rent, and that would take some pressure off them. They'd pay the utilities for all of us, so that would make it a little cheaper for me, too. I just hope they can hold on and stay independent until I get my Joe-ster out of school! But anyway, when I'm living there, I will be eating raw, and I hope they'll just want some of what I'm having, since that's how it worked with my kids.

What I'm Drinking:
Penni's salsa juice from Real Juice Daily. I only use a teensy bit of jalapeno, and a small bit of sweet onion, one clove of garlic, a ton of cilantro and about 15 roma tomatoes, along with some lemon juice, and a couple stalks of celery to make it saltier. It is so good! Have you gotten Real Juice Daily yet? If not, why not? It is such a good read--about so much more than just juicing, although it's a great resource for that too. Penni really goes deep--I found out so much more about her, and it just makes me love her all the more. Plus, she gives me such great ideas.

Detox: I don't think the back pain is detox. I think the back pain was a breathtaking case of temporary dumbness. lol The headache is gone, but probably was from not enough sleep, so I'm working on that. The belly pain seems to be referred pain from the back--those nerves stick together. You tick one off, you tick them all off! Every morning, my nose runs like a faucet and I sneeze a bit, and I'm pretty sure that is some detox. Let it out! Let it all out. That's why I'm here, people.

On My Mind:
As I dream of breaking the fast (stay in the day! I know, I know. But I think about it, ok?!) I am planning on doing two days of smoothies, to reintroduce fiber, and then progressing to mono meals of fruit and then adding in some salad. And then, I would like to have a celebration meal at Blossoming Lotus with my Portland/Vancouver pals. This would be on Friday, September 17. Is anyone up for it?

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