Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Juicy Life- Day Two

Yesterday, I started my juice feast with Dave, the Raw Food Trucker. I am a total noob with juicing, so I am just faking it till I make it. In the morning, I had a quart carrot top/cucumber/lemon. Not bad, but needed more sweet to balance out the lemon. I am doing the Tree of Life detox, so no sweet for me for the short run.

In the afternoon, I had a simple cucumber/kale, (I got an awesome deal on organic cucumbers!) To my huge surprise, it was mildly sweet, and kinda yummy.

Today I'm having beet greens with my cukes, and later spinach with them.

Dang this is getting to be a boring post! Ok, let me talk about why/how long I want to do this.

I am going for 40 days. In the Bible, 40 is a number that is symbolic of completion. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and nights, it rained 40 days and nights during Noah's great flood, the Isrealites wandered in the desert for 40 years, etc. You get the picture. I always walk for 40 minutes on the treadmill. :) (I do weight reps in sets of 12, another Bible number. I am not OCD, it's just for fun and for meaning.)

I am doing this for my health, but also for spiritual reasons. I will keep those between me and the Big Guy, but I just want to mention that fasting and prayer is very powerful and in the past, it has really deepened and enriched my spiritual life.

I am not mentioning my juice feast to any family or friends outside of my kids. So you guys and Dave will be my support system. I think I have a REALLY GOOD support system! lol

I am a little disheartened by all the waste involved in juicing. So far, I have made a filling for live swiss chard rolls with the pulp. The kids say it tasted really good with the Asian Tahini dressing (I got from It's A High Raw Life Michelle K right here in the culinary center.) I put it with a sunflower seed/tahini pate and rolled the chard leaves like a burrito. They looked yummy, and there was much scarfing and smiling among the teenagers, so I assume it was a winner.

I think I will be making lots of pulp crackers, too! Or just freezing some of it to use when my 40 days is complete.

Also, all the juice recipes I've found have fruit, which is obviously tasty, but I don't get any. Does anyone have any "veggie only" juices that are the bomb? Don't leave a sister hangin'!

Looking forward to a juicy day!

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Guinnevere said...

I know this was a long ago post, but I went back and read your whole blog from the beginning. You are such an inspiration! I, too, tried raw, summer of 09, lost 35 lbs, looked and felt amazing, and then fell off the wagon. It's my 2011 resolution to get back on, so I'm reading up on people how have achieved what I desire (like you!).

Anyway, my go-to green juice was always this: a whole head of romaine, a big english cucumber, half a head of kale, and a lemon. I try to buy organic when I can, but you know it's expensive. Hey, conventional lettuce still isn't a cheeseburger in my book!

Anyway, I'm sure you've found a juice that works for you by now, but I just thought I'd throw that out there anyway.