Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 5 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

To organize my thoughts, and provide some consistency to my journal, I created a template that I am going to use every day.

What day I'm on: 5 out of 40

How's it going: Overall, really well. I am now teamed up with the gorgeous Annette from RFR, with Thubten from www.myrawyear.com (I am working on him to check in to RFR!) and the awesome Dave The Raw Food Trucker, who is both our coach and juice feasting with us. Plus, lots of my RFR peeps have said they would join in on some level. Thanks to all of you for your support and your knowlege and advice. I am taking it all in with gratitude!

What I'm Excited About: Annette has a lisence to buy organic produce wholesale, so my juicy journey just got a heck of a lot cheaper! Love that girl! (Not only for her connections, I swear! She is just an incredible lady, and I'm so happy to have her for a friend.)

Yesterday, I met with Thubten (pronounced Tube-Ten) and we got some veggies and he is going to help me with my blog and I am going to give him rides to some raw events because he is carless by choice. He is also a great guy and lots of support and has done this before. I got to introduce him to my beloved Limbo, home of the cheap Organics, and it was fun to see someone else get as geeked up as me over organic cantaloupes for a dollar.

What I'm Drinking: Yesterday was Cucumber/Mache all day. Yuck. I had to choke it down. I had gotten a huge (huge!!!) bag of organic mache at Limbo and I have always enjoyed it in salad. But in juice? Um, no. Gonna pass on that one!

Today I choked down the last of the Cucumber/Mache for breakfast, and for the rest of the day I am having Tomato/Sweet Red Pepper/Basil, which I tasted and it is FABULOUS. A definite winner. Plus I can easily put the pulp into my kids' raw pasta sauce for dinner. Awesome.

Detox? A little, not too bad. I've had diarrhea pretty much every day, nothing to worry about, but it did make for some humorous runs to the bathroom! I had a headache the first day, but that went away. I have had occasional foot and joint pain, but again, pretty mild and I've been able to deal with it fine.

Emotional Detox? A little bit of feeling sorry for myself, I have to admit. Mostly when I was choking down the nasty juice from yesterday. It was fleeting, and I snapped myself out of it. No one is making me do this. I could stop at any time I choose.

Emotional De-cluttering: Made a mental list of people I've been unwilling to forgive. Praying to have sincere forgiveness.

Physical De-cluttering: Started getting rid of kitchen stuff. It will feel so good to have enough space for my raw food needs! (I rilly rilly rilly want to get rid of the microwave, but I am fighting the kids on it. Sigh.)

Advice From Dave: We had our phone call check in and he said he is totally up for staying on juice (we were originally going to do juice/Rainbow Green Live Cuisine Phase 1 and alternate between the two.) He congratulated me on reaching 100 lbs released, and warned me to follow the advice in "There Is A Cure For Diabetes" exactly to have a safe extended juice feast. (For the record, I am not and have never been diabetic, but this is the program that Dave had so much success with so he recommends it.) So I will be supplementing with some borage oil, and taking spirulina, and some other supplements. When I complained about no fruit (!) in my juice, he reminded me that the following are fruits: zucchini, bell pepper, tomato, avocado, and cucumber. What I can't have is SWEET fruit, because when it is stripped of its fiber it becomes dangerously high glycemic. Sweet fruit is only appropriate for smoothies. Good to know! Anyway, Dave continues to be awesome and supportive and a great coach. So glad we are all in this together.


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