Monday, August 16, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 11 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

What I'm Excited About: I weighed in over the weekend, and I have to say, juice feasting is really good for helping you release weight. I released another 8 lbs last week, for a total of 18 since juice feasting. Overall, I have released 110 lbs from my highest weight of 402 lbs.

I am really starting to see the change in my body, too. When you are really, really large, it takes a while and a lot of pounds to make a substantial difference in how you look. Now, I don't look 9 months pregnant! This is a great thing. I only have two chins now, too! lol

"Ever forward, if slowly."--Longfellow

What's more remarkable, is that I have taken off 90 of the 110 lbs this year. As in, the year I really committed to raw food. I know that every body is different, but mine obviously says, "Give it to me raw!"

I'm giving it to it raw and juicy for 29 more days!

What Day I'm On: 11 out of 40

How's It Going: It's going ok. I got a new juicer that does a much better job, especially of juicing greens. That's excellent, and just want I wanted, but now my juices taste and look like bile. lol

I know I will get used to the taste. And I am focusing on how great all those mega nutrients are for my body and all that I am getting out of it.

What I'm Drinking: Lemon water and MSM upon rising. 4 quarts green veggie juice: romaine/cucumber/celery, kale/cucumber/lemon, tomato/red bell pepper/basil. One mistake: I juiced purple cabbage, and it was so pretty! But the taste literally made me gag. I like cabbage, and I know it is a potent cancer fighter, but there will be no more purple cabbage juice Chez Mal!

Detox? Nothing much to report here.

Emotional Detox? Yep. I am cycling between angry, sad, just fine, resentful, happy, and tired. How do I exit this ride?! I would really like to be able to say, "We now return you to your happy, positive Mallory, already in progress!"

Emotional De-cluttering? I think I am too much in the eye of the hurricane to be able to decipher what it means too much. I am just going to ride it out, and observe what feelings are coming up so I can work through them.

Advice From Dave: Dave says that when you have a craving, really try to identify where in your physical body that craving is emanating. You may be surprised that it is not in your belly! It also may move around. By taking an analytical approach to your cravings, you may be able to defuse their power over you. It may also help you identify what you're really craving. Craving sweets? Do you need more sweetness in your life? Craving spicy hot food: do you need some more excitement? Creamy things=comfort. You may really want a hug. Learning to truly meet our own needs is one of the gifts of juice feasting.

Make it a juicy day!

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