Friday, August 13, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 8 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Wow! I just want to thank everyone for all the comments, advice, high-fives, and especially those who've decided to take this journey with me. I am truly humbled and honored. I wish I could comment back to each person! Maybe I will have some time this weekend. Life is bizz-ay!

I thought I would share how my day looks. The first thing you should know about me is that I am a divorced single mom, raising my 2 kids solo since my daughter was 2 and my son was 2 wks old. She's 17 now, and my son is 15. They are very active, awesome kids, so I spend A LOT of time chauffeuring them to their events, when I am not working full time, trying to keep our house in some sense of order, and you know, feeding them, because they have gotten used to the eating thing. (Spoiled!)

So my day starts at 4:15 a.m. Ouch, that hurts to even type! I spend 15 minutes in prayer (in bed), and then I get up, feed my cats, do my "internal cleansing" (enema), and then start making juice. I make about 4 quarts, and put them in mason jars and refrigerate them immediately, except for one that I go ahead and drink. I take my morning supplements (described yesterday.) Then at 5 am, I wake up my daughter Nora, who starts getting ready to go to the gym with me, while I clean the juicer and the kitchen. (Does everyone's kitchen become a disaster when they juice, or is that MY special gift?!) Then I throw on my work out clothes, and it's off to the gym by 5:30 a.m. I walk for 40 minutes on the treadmill, then lift weights for about 20 more, then do a dry skin brushing before I take a shower and get dressed for work. It's now 7 a.m., I rush home, grab my juice and go to work all day. I drink my juice through out the day. At lunch, I like to walk in the park across from where I work and listen to praise music and refresh my spirit. It is easy to feel close to God in the beauty of the nature He created! Since I don't "eat" anymore, I get a whole hour to do this, and it really makes my whole day. After work, I figure out what to make for dinner for the kids, and usually walk over to Limbo or People's to get the ingredients I'm invariably missing. After dinner, we tidy up, and I try to get some chores done before settling down for a snuggle with Nora while we watch a tiny bit of tv (Nora is obsessed with Gilmore Girls:) This time is much more about bonding with family than watching a show.) Then we have family prayer time and I put the kids to bed, which is awesome that they still let me! Finally I get some computer time, as Joe has most likely been on it this whole time, making up for those months when his back wouldn't let him sit for any length of time. He's either watching movies (which are his passion, he wants to be a director) or going on YouTube. (He and I bond other times, spent many, many quality hours together while he was sick.) So I finally get to see Penni's video, I get to read the awesome comments on my blog, and I get choked up. And I try to blog or comment a bit, and then holy cats! How did it get so late?! Do my evening routine (brush, floss, wash, supplement!), read some scripture, say my prayers, and good night, sleep tight!

Next day, we start again. The weekend looks similar except replace the work with taking care of parents who are both in wheelchairs (from what I believe are diet related problems!) and during the school year, you'd add in taking Nora and Joe to at least 15 things a week, including dance practice, volunteering, a musical he's in, etc. I love summer!

I guess what I'm saying is that if I have the time to do a juice feast, probably anyone can. Dave has to juice three gallons at a time to take it on the road! He brings his juicer everywhere, and has a 100-ft extension cord so he can juice at truck stops. Just like anything, you have to prioritize with what's important. I am getting so much out of this juice feast! I'm only on day 8, and already I've gotten: weight release, new friends, a deepening of my spiritual path, a slightly cleaner, more organized, less cluttered home, and feel a huge sense of direction and purpose for what my new life is emerging to be.

What day I'm on: 8 out of 40

How's it going: Still going really well. I am pretty much past hunger most of the time. The fatigue is getting better. I am feeling so much love and support, I know I can do this!

What I'm Excited About: Penni's book is coming out today!!! Also: weekend! Woo!

What I'm Drinking: I got a big grocery delivery (organic produce from the awesome Annette) so I am sticking with this little number till the produce is used up: kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, lemon, and ginger. It is actually pretty yummy, and I call it "green gold" because of the super high nutritional profile. I will switch up juices when I run out of these goodies!

Detox? How to put this delicately? I went #2 on my own today, no enema, and was surprised at how much volume. Since I haven't had any solid food, I know that stuff was just hanging out in my intestines. That is a gnarley thought, and yet, better out than in! I am excited about what I am able to get rid of. Healing happens!

Emotional Detox? Right now I am just elated with all the support.

Emotional De-cluttering: I am realizing that I need to assign a certain time in my schedule to the spiritual aspects of my juice feast. I need to get back to reading scripture, no matter what, before bed; prayers upon rising and resting, no matter what; and now I've decided that lunch time is going to be a praise walk every day: walking in nature (the beautiful park across from where I work) and listening to praise music. I have my list of limiting beliefs and my prayer of affirmation that corresponds to each one, and I will glance at it, and repeat the prayers quietly(!) several times through out the day. Also on that list are people that I haven't fully forgiven (including me!) and I see their name, and silently send love, forgiveness and acceptance to the person or the situation.

Physical De-cluttering: This is on my list for the weekend. Again, I am tackling the kitchen. I am going to try to do this more consistently daily, like every morning, get rid of 40 things. Wow. That's a challenge! Think I can do it?

Advice From Dave: Great talk last night, all about the spiritual aspects of the juice feast. Dave is on another spiritual path from me: I am Christian, whereas he talks about the chakras and the kundilindi and the Life Force. But what we have in common is this: we are both acutely aware that we are SPIRITUAL beings, having a HUMAN experience, not just human beings having a spiritual experience. Whatever your spiritual path, a juice feast will help you go deeper. When you clear away the excess, and all the mind-numbing compounds even in the healthiest of foods (think of the content lazy fog we get in after an excellent meal) you are left with the essence of you, your spirit. You can take advantage of this time to release what is no longer serving you. Let go of fears, resentments, old baggage. Change how you think about yourself and the possibilities for your life. Press the reset button on your LIFE, not just your digestion. Like a caterpillar, go into this cocoon of your juice feast, use this time for transformation, and come out a beautiful butterfly, ready to spread her wings and fly to a new possibility.

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