Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 21 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

When I first met Dave, The Raw Food Trucker, and decided to undertake this juice feast, he invited me to a great event that he puts on every year: The International Day of Juice Feasting. This year it's going to be in Seattle at the Lucky Ladies on September 12, from noon to 4. Can't get to Seattle? You can still join me and Dave and several hundred of our closest friends by streaming it live on your computer! All the other details are in the events section here on RFR.

Ever since I found out that I was going to carpool with the fabulous Annette to the event, I have been thinking about what I should wear. As I said in my post yesterday, I haven't really gotten too many new clothes, but the ones I have gotten are all "my favorite." I have firmly resolved that I would rather go starkers than wear stuff I hate, just because it fits, any more. I've narrowed my choices down to three dresses. Since I can't decide, I'm going to let you do it!

These are not the best pictures; my daughter snapped them quickly in the two minutes between her activities yesterday. So ignore the goofy looks on my face and tell me which dress to say yes to:

First, the red one:

I like the color and the geometric design. It is also very comfy and would be good for a long drive and busy day.

Next, the print one:

Ha ha I love the dorky expression on my face and the fact that my cat Hannibal is just determined to be famous on RFR! That's his tail on the left. Ok, back to the dress, this is my daughter's favorite. It is very "me" in many ways: I love hot pink, I love prints, I love flowers, and it is made of that slinky stuff that packs and travels so well without getting all wrinkled. It is also really comfy. See why I can't decide?

Ok, last one: The Little Black Dress

I think this one is really flattering to my curves, and goes nicely with cat, don't you think? This is Hannibal's favorite, since it matches his fur. I usually think you can't go wrong with black, but I don't want to look like I'm at a funeral. This one is also made of slinky stuff and is very packable, wearable, and won't wrinkle on the long drive.

Ok, it's up to you! Vote for which one you prefer and why in the comments! May the best dress win!

What Day I'm On: 21 out of 40, officially "more than half-way there!"

How's It Going? Yesterday was SO MUCH BETTER. I felt good, except for aches and pains from exercising. Normally I would just pop some ibuprofen and knock out those bad boys, but I was proud of myself for not giving in and just limping through it. But the dizziness and light headedness? Gone! Of all things, we (the nurse at the Nurse Treatment Room) and I think it was low blood sugar. That makes some sense because I wasn't drinking enough juice, only 2.5 quarts or so, and the juice I'd been making was super low glycemic. The combination of just not enough calories for too many days in a row, combined with working out, made my blood sugar go too low.

So yesterday, I made absolutely sure to get 4 full quarts of juice in me, and not to wait more than 3 hours in between them. The difference was like night and day. Just in case, I got my blood pressure taken by the nurse. Completely unmedicated, my BP was 110/70, unheard of for a short woman who still weighs almost 300 lbs. I was so happy, and thrilled that I don't have to go back to the blood pressure medication I was taking prior to the juice feast. (I believe in taking meds if you need them; I just don't want to need them anymore!)

On the advice of my chiropractor (lol, hi Sheryl!) and the lovely Penni, and oh, pretty much all of you, I am going to add in some fruit juice. Yay! I am so excited! I don't want to add too much--but now I am really excited about which one to try! I have a lot of nectarines and some watermelon--doesn't that sound delicious?! I am still going to drink lots of green juice, but I don't want to have any more low blood sugars. That is a very yucky feeling that I don't want to duplicate!

Detox? Today I am itchy all over, mostly my torso. I haven't changed any products I use, laundry or personal, so I am thinking detox. It's annoying but I'm going to put some coconut oil on it and ignore it! My dry skin brushing feels great, though!

Emotional Detox? Penni's posts are really stirring the pot, bringing so much to the surface. I want to really spend some time on that, but I am running out of time today and think I will go there tomorrow.

It feels like I am always making juice! Remember the old Dunkin' Donuts commercial? "Time to make the donuts!" (time to make them and throw them away! dangerous at any speed, those!) Well it's time to make the juice!

Don't forget to vote: Say Yes To The Dress! Which one should Mallory choose? The Red One, The Print One, or the Little Black Dress?

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