Monday, August 23, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 18 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

Wow. All I can say is that I will always cherish the responses from yesterday's post. I receive it all with gratitude, and I love you guys.
What Day I'm On: 18 out of 40, 45% of the way

How's It Going? Great, and not so. The great part is all the support. I also feel like I have the time management part down, and the actual juicing and supplementing is going great. Thanks to Annette, I'm adding in Zeolites, which are like a micro-porous sieve, filtering out toxic heavy metals in your body. I unfortunately have some silver fillings, so I know there is mercury and other heavy metals in me, and a detoxifying fast (or juice feast) is a great time to get them out.

The only part that's hard, is that the food cravings have come back, in a big way! I think it has to do with my sense of smell, which has suddenly come back after being pretty bad for a long time. I am glad I have it back; I look like a loon, going around and smelling every flower and even opening up my cinnamon and spice jars and sniffing away. But the truth is, a lot of things smell bad in life! lol I never noticed before but boy, howdy, I do now. One thing that does not smell bad to me, at all, though, is FOOD. Food that other people are eating. I never want to eat unless I smell it. Then it slowly tortures me, lol. Unfortunately, I work directly upstairs from the cafeteria in a medical facility, with an open-plan big atrium in the clinic so all the good cooking smells waft up to me as I work!

Don't worry! There is no way I am going to quit now or even cheat! When I smell it, I just try to enjoy the aroma (no harm in that) and tell myself, "That is not for me. I am content with my juice." It just means that my willpower is getting an extra heavy duty workout. I am going to have such big muscles to flex in that regard when this is over! For the girl who had 0% ability to resist temptation before, you can see what a huge miracle is being done in me!

Detox? Nope.

Emotional Detox: Not detox, but really feeling all the love and support and kindness in a profound way. It is kinda sorta incredibly beautiful. I am so glad to be having this experience, even if I walk around with a curious combination of tears in my eyes and a huge silly grin on my face.

Emotional De-Cluttering: This week, I released 3 more pounds (running total of 113 lbs if you are keeping track) and my first thought was, "But I'm not eating anything! It should have been more!" Ok, let's look at that. True, I am not eating, but of course, I am getting 1500 calories of juice or so a day, so I am hardly starving. Also, it is the first week of being on my cycle when I can ever remember having a release instead of adding to my total! I used to have a 10 lb JUMP in my weight every cycle, which was one of the reasons I used to not weigh myself. It would go, just as fast, the next week, but in my cranky hormonal state it would seem terribly tragic and unjust, lol.

But why I put this under emotional detox is because of that limiting thought: I should be releasing weight QUICKLY. There is a quota I need to make each week, or something. What I SHOULD be doing is feeding my body the right things (right now that means veggie juice) and giving it loving movement (I did a ton last week.) And then, (listen closely, self!) how my body takes care of itself is up to the wisdom of my body! It may be ready to release some more weight, and it may choose to heal me some other way. As long as I am doing the right things, I don't need to worry about it. I actually don't need to worry about anything! Good lesson for me to remember.

Physical De-cluttering: The house looks a little better following the great purge. I've got the de-clutter bug and I want more! I am going to try to keep the momentum up during the week if I can.

Advice From Dave: Haven't talked to him in a few days. He is getting so busy with organizing the International Day of Juice Feasting. You're going, aren't you?! You can go in spirit, by streaming it, if you can't make it to Seattle. Tomorrow I'm going to model some outfits for you guys and you tell me which one to wear to the event!

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