Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Juicy Life--Day 7 of My 40 Day Juice Feast

I wanted to start with a little word on the Dr. Gabriel Cousens' plan that I am doing via Dave The Raw Food Trucker vs. Katrina and David Rainoshek's There is no difference! David Rainosheck used to work for Gabriel Cousens, and Dr. Cousens strongly advocated the juice feasting program found on :) The only modification Dr. Cousens makes for his diabetic patients is the "only green juice" thing, and that is because they have insulin resistance and poorly regulated blood sugars. But all the other info is the same.

The biggest difference is that Dr. Cousens only dedicates one chapter in his book, "There Is A Cure For Diabetes" to juice feasting, while the Rainosheks' website is an extensive and comprehensive resource about nothing but juice feasting.

I haven't really talked about the supplements I am taking on this juice feast, but I am taking some. Here is what is recommended by Dr. Cousens in his book:

Fresh Organic Green Vegetable Juice (4 Qts.)

Herbal Teas

Hemp Oil or Flax Seed Oil (1-2 T./day) (Note: buy refrigerated only because it goes rancid fast)

Kelp Granules (1/4 t./day)

Bee Pollen (1 T. day)

Green Superfood Powder Blend (1-2 T./day)

MSM (1-3 T./day)

Vitalzym (3-5 caps, 3x/day)

Natural Cellular Defense "NDC" (15 drops, 4x/day)

Chrorella/spirulina (1 T/day)

E-3 Live (1-3 T/day)

Nano B complex (1/2 t. 2x/day)

Herbal and Mineral Supplements (as recommended by your Health Practioner)

Royal Break-Stone Tea (2-4 cups/day)

Liver Gallbladder fluke parasite cleanse (for parasite cleanse only at the end of an extended fast, such as 92 day juice feast)

Enema- daily, every morning

Dry Skin Brushing, every day

Hot/cold/hot/cold showers, daily

Yoga (15-30 min/day)

Walking (30 min/day)

Weight Training (15-30 min, 3x/week)

See? It's not just about juicing an orange and living on it for 3 months! I am not able to afford or even locate all the things Dr. Cousens calls for. But Dave really emphasized how important it was to follow the protocol as close as possible. So I do: 4 Quarts Organic Green Veggie juice, Rooibos (herbal tea), Flax seed oil, bee pollen, MSM, Vitazym (I got a sample of this and have been using it, but now I am out and I can't find it at my health food store) Spirulina, an herbal women's hormones balancer prescribed for me, an enema daily (yikes!), dry skin brushing (ouch) hot/cold/hot/cold showers (starting to enjoy these), walking 40 min/daily, and weight training 20 min 3x/wk.

What Day I'm On: 7 out of 40 (1/6 of the way)

How's It Going: Pretty well. I seem to be getting into the swing of things. I am thrilled to pieces to report that I acheived two goals since starting this juice feast: I have now released over 100 lbs (106!) I had been "stuck" at 90 lbs off, but getting juicy got the scale moving again. The other goal is that I got under 300 lbs! I can now say I weigh 200-and-something. Woot!

What I'm Excited About: Penni's new ebook "Real Juice Daily" is coming out this week! Woo-hoo! I am so excited to get that book, I cannot even tell you. Penni is such a good writer. I enjoy her blog so much and I know this book is going to be funny and interesting besides having lots of great information. How amazing is she that she can still put out her book, even while dealing with an emergency that would make any parent's heart stop?!

What I'm Drinking: A lovely and nutritious blend of kale, celery, cucumber, romaine, tomato, and red bell pepper with a little ginger for flavor and as a natural analgesic. How does it look? Well, it kind of looks like...bile. But it's tasty I swear. Wait! Why are you walking away?! Come back!!! Please?

Detox? I have had an ache in my belly, over what is my stomachor possibly my spleen? The boils down south are healing. I am having a LOT of fatigue. I figure this must be detox because most people talk about how much energy they have while juicing.

Emotional Detox? A little bit grumpy and short tempered, I'm afraid. Pity my children. I'ma do better today!

Emotional De-Cluttering: Just observing my feelings and trying not to get over worked up. Made an inventory of limiting beliefs, and I am working on affirmations to overcome them, using the resources from Louise Hay.

Physical De-Cluttering: Um, I really ought to be doing some. Heh.

Advice From Dave: We didn't talk yesterday. Probably all his new clients from RFR were keeping him busy. :)

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